Last North South Trail Trek of 2012

For those who missed this year’s 20th annual North South Trail Trek, you have one last opportunity to join a group hike of a part of Rhode Island’s longest trail, which is 77 miles in length. We’ll be in the northern part of the state this coming Saturday, May 19, to hike the 6th and final part of the trail. For those who don’t know, the Trek begins each year in March in Charlestown by the Atlantic Ocean. Every second Saturday another section is walked. (See the photo at left of happy hikers posing at the start of the hike last March.) It’s a fun event, as returning hikers will attest.

Most Trek aficionados, myself included, consider this to be one of the more scenic parts of the trail. We’ll pass through George Washington Management Area, then Buck Hill Management Area, and finally cross the border into Douglas State Forest in Massachusetts, where we’ll finish. There, we’ll have a chance to fondly recall memorable moments on the walk while we rub our sore feet and legs at the annual cookout by Wallum Lake.

At a little more than thirteen miles in length, this section will be a piece of cake for those who have hiked them all. So come join us, there’s still room.

To get further information, send me an email.