Watchaug Pond Preserve

(Update July 18, 2012: Very sad news. The land has been sold without preservation.)

The Charlestown Land Trust has a campaign to raise money to purchase land on Watchaug Pond. This 27 acre parcel will connect  to the Vin Gormley Trail and provide hikers on that trail with access to the pond. Hikers that use the Vin Gormley or other  trails in Burlingame should consider supporting the Land Trust’s efforts to preserve this parcel. They have received a $367,000.00 grant from DEM, but still need to raise an equal amount. Visit the Charlestown Land Trust website to learn more about the  Campaign for Watchaug Pond Preserve.

The land is currently owned by the YMCA, but they haven’t used the land in years and want to sell it to raise funds for their other projects. If the land is developed for housing, there will be no public access.